Grout (Alabaster 382)

5kg Bag

Ardex FSDD 382 Alabaster grout – suited to Lord Series tiles.

Grout (Charred Ash 387)

5kg Bag

Ardex FSDD 387 Charred Ash grout – suited to Stone Grey tiles.

Grout (Magellan Grey 273)

5kg Bag

Ardex FG 8 Magellan Grey 273 grout – suited Cemento, Argento, River Mountain & Limestone Grey tiles.

Grout (Midnight 202)

5kg Bag

FG8 Midnight 202 suited to Black Limestone, Piccadilly

Grout (Misty Grey 241)

5kg Bag

Ardex FG8 Misty Grey 241 suited to Limestone White

Grout (Misty Grey 341)

5kg Bag

Ardex FSDD Misty Grey 341 grout -Suited to Sasso & Travertino tiles.

Grout (Slate Grey 311)

5kg Bag

Ardex FSDD Slate Grey 311 grout – suited to Sahara Grigio, Blackwood Timber,  Limestone Grey, Granito & White Oak Timber.

Grout (Travertine 377)

5kg bag

Suited to Sandy Mountain

Grout (Ultra White 390)

5kg Bag

Ardex FSDD 390 Ultra White grout – suites both White Gloss & White Matt tiles.

Grout (White FG8 200) & Grout Booster

5kg & 4L respectively

Specifically for Aqua Blue Mosaic pool installations.
Ratio: 10kg grout to 4L grout booster

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